Lounge C - classic meets electronic

Lounge C - New Media Art Process from bernardo varela on Vimeo.

Projection Mapping, Light Sculpture, TimeBased Art Installation... you name it!

Moleculagem was hired to create and perform visuals on a pre-made surface/sculpture for Lounge C, an ambient party, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lounge C Project and Direction/ Caio Mario Mutz

ART INSTALLATION Visuals/ Moleculagem (Alexandre Aranha, Bernardo Varela e Sol Galvão) Object/ Natalia Weidlich e Jair de Souza

MUSIC Electronic/ Negale Jones and Tony Viegas Classical/ Felipe Prazeres and Quarteto Rio de Janeiro Consulting/ Heloisa Fischer Design Brand/ Vinte Zero Um Pics/ Daniel Basil, Andre Pantoja, Pedro Conforti Production/ Aline Ferreira and Piero Carvalho Press/ Patricia Simões